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PlayLimit Benefits: Why PlayLimit is the premier solution for limiting the amount of time your kids spend playing video games and watching television....

Kid Playing Video Game


Primary Benefits:

  • Limits the amount of time children play video games and/or watch television.

  • Provides a control point for stopping games.

  • Provides a renewable reward that can be used as an incentive for good behavior.

  • Provides a mechanism for sharing time on games and/or television.

Purpose of PlayLimit:

PlayLimit allows parents a simple and convenient way of limiting the time their
children spend in front of a TV. Many studies have shown that too much TV is bad for
children. Even educational video games and programs, if not restricted, can reduce
children’s ability to think and learn for themselves.


How can PlayLimit help? Simple. By giving kids tokens for a specific time period, parents
set a definite limit on how much TV their kids can watch. What’s more, the tokens
empower kids to manage their own time, so parents no longer have to be the “time’s
up!” police.


Once children understand their TV limits, parents can encourage other activities such
as reading, drawing, and sports to fill the void. And that’s the ultimate purpose of
PlayLimit — to be a positive experience for both parents and children.



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