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PlayLimit Features: What comes with your PlayLimit system and what makes it so complete, yet so easy to use.

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Primary Features:

  • Simple token-activated operation. The PlayLimit system includes 40 tokens — each token allows 15 minutes of game playing or TV viewing.

  • Ability to control video games and TV viewing. The PlayLimit system includes the necessary cables to connect to a game console and a VCR, DVD player, or cable television source.

  • On-screen display and audible warnings for time expiration. The large time display on the PlayLimit console warns you when play time is running out so you can save your game or add more tokens. A countdown timer also appears on the TV screen, the TV beeps at intervals.

  • Pause button allows breaks without losing time. You can press the Pause button at any time so you can leave your game without being penalized.

  • Secure case with key access for parents. Parents have the key to the token box where they can retrieve tokens. The token box also is where the back panel of the PlayLimit console is secured, preventing cables from being removed.

  • Additional secured modes for parents. The token box contains switches a parent can set to allow unlimited play or prevent all play.



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