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FAQs: Where you can find answers for typical questions people have for PlayLimit and strategies for limiting video game and television time

Does PlayLimit filter programming?

PlayLimit only blocks video content when time is up. Audio content, inappropriate or
otherwise, is not blocked or filtered.

What is the target age group for PlayLimit?

Ages 4 to 12, although it is certainly possible to use PlayLimit with teenagers.

Will PlayLimit work with other coins?

PlayLimit is designed to work only with PlayLimit tokens. Other coins may slide through
without registering time or become jammed inside.

What stops kids from plugging the game system directly into the TV?

Game systems have special cables with a unique connector on one end (which connects
to the game console) and red, white, yellow composite connectors of the other end. The
composite connector is locked inside the PlayLimit console.

How can PlayLimit benefit my kids?

All children need to know their limits, and this would certainly include limits on video
game and TV use. PlayLimit is a tool parents can use to create and enforce limits, and
in doing so help children understand the value of spending their time wisely.

Does PlayLimit block Internet connections?

PlayLimit has no inputs for networks, so it does not have special controls for games played over the Internet.

Does PlayLimit have outputs for HDTV (High Definition Television)?

No, not yet. Game consoles that support HDTV are just coming to market. As they become popular, we will certainly consider this feature.

Is there a special price for ordering more than one PlayLimit?

Yes! Go to the PlayLimit Store for details.

I'm a reseller interested in PlayLimit — how should I contact you?

Go to our Contact page and be sure to select the Reseller checkbox.

Can I order more tokens or Token Box keys?

Sure! Go to our Contact page. In the Questions/Comments field, indicate whether you need tokens, keys, or both, and we will send you a link to order them online.

How do I return a PlayLimit?

See the Service page for our return procedure.



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